Friday, April 1, 2011

Pell Grants = Welfare???

The GOP never ceases to amaze me. Today on HuffPost I read where Rep. Denny Rehlberg (R-Mont.) is claiming Pell Grants are the 21st Century's version of welfare. Let's be honest here, the fact is Republicans do not want people to get an education, plain and simple. If the masses are educated then they are more than likely not going to be Republicans. Therefore, Republicans are against education because they are afraid of losing their base.

The article goes on to prove how hypocritical the GOP's stance is, yet again. They were against Obama when he was wanting to tighten eligibility for students at for-profit schools (where the chance of graduating and/or having a career is slim to none), but now when the shoe is on the other foot they want to limit the grants awarded. The GOP never makes any sense, logically anyway. They do make sense if all you care about is corporations and the wealthy getting richer and the everyday man getting zip, zilch, notta!!!

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