Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alan Dershowitz to Mike Huckabee: Go Back to School

An Agnostic Christmas

I love the holidays! I enjoy the cold weather, the shopping, listening to Christmas music, watching my favorite Christmas movies, and I most of all my mom's fudge!! This year is no different for me than any other, except that I have embraced being an agnostic/atheist. However, I am not giving up my holidays.

I was recently asked how I can celebrate Christmas if I no longer believe in God. Well, for one thing the holidays to me have never meant celebrating Jesus. To me the holidays represent a time spent with family, upholding traditions, love, and peace. I look at the holidays as a time to be thankful for everything that we have, and to celebrate and make memories. Just because someone is agnostic or atheist does not mean that they are uncaring. My husband and I still got 2 angels from the tree and will donate presents. We may not have a lot but we still make it a point to give to others. Christmas time serves as a reminder to give to those less fortunate, something we should strive to remember throughout the entire year.

For almost as far back as I can remember I have always questioned if there is a God. I vividly remember being around eleven or twelve and my grandmother asking if I was atheist. At the time I said no because part of me did believe, but I was still questioning. It has not been until this past couple of years that I have come out of the closest so to speak. I am disturbed more and more everyday by how hypocritical religious people are and once I began studying philosophy and science I knew that I could no longer deny how I really feel. I have been amazed and astonished at how many other people are like me and have found a very welcoming and close community within the free thinkers out here.

So, if you see me out this holiday season, you may still wish me a Merry Christmas! I will not be offended, for I wish you the same. Just as I wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukah, though I am not Jewish myself. I will not apologize for enjoying my candy canes, christmas lights, presents, christmas carols, and egg nog. It is the time to be with loved ones and that has nothing to do at all with any religion.

Tis the season for Reason!!!

And here is a reminder from Mind Posts.

Christmas for Atheists?!?
Christmas is part of our Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian Western tradition.
It has always been a special time of year across diverse cultures. It need
not be dedicated to mysticism and supernatural nonsense. Atheists can
embrace Christmas as a mid-winter celebration with friends and family.
It is a wonderful time to share family traditions and discuss the rational
roots that keep your family strong.

Happy Holidays to ALL!


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