Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Message to Bernie's Delegates

Summary of this evening's conference call with national delegates from Bernie:

1. He has endorsed HRC at this time following her agreement to strongly pursue a health care public option and free public college for families earning less than $125,000/year (83% of Americans), and doubling expenditures on community health centers.

2. He is not suspending his campaign before the convention.

3. He needs every delegate to be at the convention because there may yet be floor fights over disempowerment of superdelegates, and support for open primaries -- two issues on which we should be able to garner HRC delegate support and win.

4. There will be a roll call vote, to show the world that the Political Revolution is real, has made substantial inroads, and will continue in all 50 states at all levels of government.

5. He will remain a symbol of the Political Revolution and has undertaken no discussions with the Clinton campaign about any Administration post for himself. He will campaign hard to defeat Trump and to elect progressives throughout the country. Within a year he wants us to be able to very strongly support at least 100 progressive candidates.

6. He does not believe the rumors that there will be challenges to Sanders delegates' credentials, and will have a team of lawyers present to ensure that every Sanders delegate is seated.

7. We must fight hard to prevent TPP from reaching a vote in the lame duck Congress.

8. On two major platform issues, we lost: (1) statement on Middle East was too weak [did not condemn the Occupation or declare illegal Israeli settlements an impediment to peace -- jkh]; (2) no Medicare for all. On a third -- TPP -- the specific agreement was not condemned but language of criteria for acceptable trade agreements supported by ALl-CIO that if enacted, would defeat TPP, was adopted.

9. A historic plank calling for abolition of the death penalty was adopted. Also, the most progressive plank relating to Native American rights ever.

10. His campaign is a success because it succeeded in igniting a political revolution that will continue and grow. In state primaries, we captured a majority of voters under age 45.

We need to get all delegates to the convention, please go to adoptaberniedelegate.com.

Thank you Craig for providing the information.